Creating A Blog With Eleventy

 |  Eleventy, Static Site Generator

This article covers creating a blog from scratch using the Node.js powered static site generator Eleventy (aka 11ty). Eleventy is a relatively new project that came out in 2018 and is quickly gaining traction. It’s up to an impressive 5,000 stars on GitHub already. Eleventy keeps things simple and as you’ll see, really enables you to quickly create a fully functional site.

The blog we’ll create will contain a homepage with excerpts from our posts that can be clicked on to read the full post. Once we have our blog up and running, adding new posts will be as simple as adding new Markdown files. Eleventy will take care of generating HTML pages seamlessly for us as well as updating the homepage.

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One Scenario Where The Import Tool Fails


Some missing metadata on your site could be the cause of not being able to import your story into

For the last few hours, I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to understand why the Import Tool on wasn’t working for an article on my blog.

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Correct MIME Type Not Always Being Returned In ASP.NET On Azure

 |  ASP.NET, Azure

I recently faced an issue where the MIME type for a .mp4 file was being returned from an Azure Web App as application/octet-stream and not the video/mp4 I was seeing locally.


var filename = "test.mp4";
var mimeType = MimeMapping.GetMimeMapping(filename);


Locally:  video/mp4
In Azure: application/octet-stream
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Accessible JavaScript Click Handlers

 |  Web Accessibility, Javascript

The Internet is a fantastic medium where people can share information, knowledge… and cute cat photos freely and inclusively. HTML is one of the key technologies for the World Wide Web and when used correctly, largely ensures content is accessible to all. Unfortunately, with the rush to create sophisticated JavaScript rich web pages, the fundamentals of good semantic markup are often overlooked to the detriment of web accessibility.

One way to drastically exclude users from your site is to add JavaScript click handlers to non-interactive elements such as <div> and <span> tags.

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